CityLeaks Urban Art Festival - September 1 - 20

Under the motto “The City that does not exist” CityLeaks Urban Art Festival is going into its third round this September. Opening the festival will be the Urban Art Congress, which is aiming to discuss the space Cologne in an interdiciplinary manner. CityLeaks will primarily focus on the district of Mülheim this year.

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Audiowalk: Poetic The Neighbourhood of Man and Concrete


A big red sculpture, the number 2020, thrones on the steps at Wiener Platz, reminding the public of the structural development program in Cologne-Mülheim. Right here, in northern Cologne, starts the Audiowalk “Poetic – The Neighbourhood of Man and Concrete” written by Dennis Freischlad and produced by Sally Müller. The 15-minute audio-track takes festival attendees on a stroll from Wiener Platz to the Festival Centre of the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival 2015 at Carlswerk while passing by Keupstraße and Schanzenstraße. Equipped with headphones and a mobile device, while standing at Wiener Platz, one simply presses PLAY and starts walking towards Keupstraße/Schanzenstraße/Carlswerk while listening to the lines of the letter.

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CityLeaks Crowdfunding 2015

Our crowdfunding campaign is running until September 3. You can support us at Startnext and get some awesome goodies!

Open Call: Retail Poisoning Workshop

Benjamin Gaulon is hosting a 2 day workshop called “RETAIL POISONING” for CityLeaks. Retail Poisoning stands for deliberately placing foreign elements in other contexts. The interventions developed during the workshop will be placed in various stores to criticise products, distort and change. Participants are invited to develop counter-consumerist strategies for the public and commercial spaces.Read more


Volunteers needed

We are still looking for volunteers helping us assisting artists or help us build our indoor exhibition.
If you are interested please contact us via email

Open Call: Locating Story


As a part of the big CityLeaks indoor exhibition “The City that does not exist” we offer you the chance to be part of a very unique performance by Spanish artist Dora Garcia. We are looking for a performer that roams the streets of Cologne with his smartphone for 10 days and shares his experiences with the world.
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2nd Audition: Bodies in Urban Spaces

The open call for “Bodies in Urban Spaces” @ CityLeaks is going into its second round.
“Bodies in Urban Spaces” is a temporary intervention in the urban space, seeking to explore the interplay between body and space.
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Open Call: Line of Equilibrium

“Line of Equilibrium” is a temporary intervention in the public space, which consists in the creation of a human sculpture inside a moving tram wagon. It means to create and represent the strength that can derive from the collaboration between people in difficult and unnatural situations.Read more

CityLeaks Congress - August 28 - 30

Drama Koeln

Above the heads of city planners, politicians and civil servants the city is constantly being redesigned from below in anarchic and exciting ways. This re-organizing of the urban is manifested in new political movements like “Right to the City”, “Occupy” or “Reclaim Your City”, in neighbourhood initiatives and phenomena like urban gardening, urban art, chair bombing and skateboarding. In a variety of talks, discussions, labs and city strolls the possibilities and range of creative practices as well as grass-roots campaigning in times of clashes between city planning and (sub)cultural initiatives will be examined.

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The public spaces of Cologne as well as its private grounds and buildings give birth to barren and deserted venues regularily. A lot is unused, lies barren and makes you wonder about functions and the design of a city. Citywatch gives you the chance to put these spaces into the public eye and share your ideas about their new possible uses. We are interested how you percieve your city. Which places suprise, inspire and follow you. Share your impressions and comment your utopian ideas. Let’s build Cologne!



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