CityLeaks Urban Art Festival - September 1 - 20

Under the motto “The City that does not exist” CityLeaks Urban Art Festival is going into its third round this September. Opening the festival will be the Urban Art Congress, which is aiming to discuss the space Cologne in an interdiciplinary manner. CityLeaks will primarily focus on the district of Mülheim this year.

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CityLeaks Tours @ Expedition Colonia

City Leaks Führung 9


On 26th March we start our annual street art tours all across Cologne on the occasion of Expedition Colonia. For the first time, we also offer street art tours for children from the age of 5 onwards!


Desiring to extent our team of guides we’re again looking for students that are willing to support us on fee basis. If you’re interested, please contact us until 17th March via

CityLeaks Tours Summer 2016

CityLeaks Tour


This spring and summer CityLeaks invites you once more to discover the full range of street art, graffiti and other creative interventions on the streets of Cologne. No matter if by foot or bike, no matter if in Ehrenfeld, Nippes, Mülheim or at Belgisches Viertel – CityLeaks tours will make you see familiar quarters with different eyes. Come along!


Sat, 30/04, 4 p.m. – Belgisches Viertel Tour – Start: Richard-Wagner-Straße / Händelstraße


Sat, 14/05, 4 p.m. – Ehrenfeld Tour – Start: Vogelsanger Straße / Piusstraße


Sat, 28/05, 4 p.m. – Mülheim Tour – Start: Mülheimer Freiheit / Düsseldorfer Straße (at the kiosk)


Sat, 11/06, 4 p.m. – Nippes Bike Tour – Start: Neusser Straße / Gürtel (at Bezirksrathaus Nippes)


Sat, 25/06, 4 p.m. – Belgisches Viertel Tour – Start: Aachener Straße / Brüsseler Straße (in front of Knobelbecher)


Sat, 09/07, 4 p.m. – Neuehrenfeld Bike Tour – Start: Äußere Kanalstraße / Iltisstraße (at the transformer station)


Sat, 23/07, 4 p.m. – Mülheim Bike Tour – Start: Clevischer Ring / Von-Sparr-Straße

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Recap: DOMA Pecado al Pecador

Enjoy the video recap of DOMA´s artistic intervention “Pecado al Pecador”.

Recap: XENORAMA Facade Dialogs

What does it mean to live in Köln-Mülheim? How do you feel about it and what are future visions on the quarter? Xenorama asked people from the hood about their good living in mülheim and projected the collage of the interviews on two facades on Mülheims central plaza “Wiener Platz”.

Recap: CIE. WILLI DORNER Bodies in Urban Spaces

Discovering the borough of Mülheim with the intervention “Bodies in Urban Spaces”.

Recap: ELFO

Ever passed by an entry phone that does not stop. Check ELFO´s version of a talking box.



Festival Catalogue CityLeaks 2015 - go get it!

Accompanying the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival 2015 our catalogue showcases artistic explorations from contemporary and urban art. The festival brings together artists working in the public space, that explore spaces in a more abstract sense and interpret urban factors in their art. In the catalogue the many artists are presented in the form of sketches, collages and pictures, some of which are based on their self-perception and their artistic language. Additionaly experts from the fields of  culture and science provide some insights into the tradition, changes and the current importance of spatial discourse through texts. Theory and praxis both come together at the same fixed point: Space is, like geographer Anne Vogelpohl once said, prerequisite and product of every society.

Special Festival Offer: 10,00 €  instead of 12,00 €, published by Strzelecki Books.

If you like to purchase one copy of the magazine please write us to

Silkscreen prints on sale


During the CityLeaks exhibition Daniel Lisson set up an open silkscreen studio. Various artists were invited to create an exclusive silkscreen edition. We are proud and happy to offer you prints from DOMA, LeBeat, Daniel Lisson, Various&Gold, Guapo Sapo, Sebastian Karbowiak & Gizem Winter.
The prints have the format of 70×50 cm, are printed on 300gm cotton paper and are on sale for fair prices.
In case you like know more about the prints and/or if you like to purchase one please hit us via




The public spaces of Cologne as well as its private grounds and buildings give birth to barren and deserted venues regularily. A lot is unused, lies barren and makes you wonder about functions and the design of a city. Citywatch gives you the chance to put these spaces into the public eye and share your ideas about their new possible uses. We are interested how you percieve your city. Which places suprise, inspire and follow you. Share your impressions and comment your utopian ideas. Let’s build Cologne!



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