• ACIDUM, CityLeaks 2015, Photo: Robert Winter
  • Acidum_Capo_Verde_2014
  • Acidum_Teseu_Rio_de_Janeiro_2012
  • CicloCor_Fortaleza_2011_ foto_JarbasOliveira_(2)
  • IMG_0293
Brincando de Deus

Vincenzstr. 14
51065 Köln

ACIDUM Project is a collective of artists from the city of Fortaleza in Brazil. Since 2006, ACIDUM has realised a variety of different projects in public space both in Brazil and in countries all over the world. In  their works, the artists use all kinds of techniques and media such as murals, photographs, audio-visual projects and graffiti.  Their artistic work focuses on the interaction between given architectural and social structures of the public  space and the people living within this space. ACIDUM aims at changing the perception of public  space and breaking with common spatial concepts. The collective particularly emphasizes the importance of the artists’ personal styles, which are still  recognisable in the respective works. As a result,  ACIDUM has created its own unique figurative language  over the years. Their artwork is characterised by a specific use of vibrant colours, the clash of obscure  creatures, fractured linear arrangements, hypnotising scenarios and the reference to urban stories and legends. ACIDUM realised  a dazzling mural as well as a workshop in Cologne Mülheim on the occasion of CityLeaks Preview in June