Ammar Abo Bakr


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Dünnwalder Str. 41
51063 Köln

September 14 – 19

September 12, 2015
1pm– 4pm

Kulturbunker Mülheim
Berliner Str. 20
51063 Köln

Street art played a big part in the Egyptian revolution and still does so today! After all, this art form is more than just nice to look at, it is also an act of protest. One of the most well-known street artists from Egypt is Ammar Abo Bakr. His murals are provoking and comment on political and social issues. In his works he grapples with developments and events in his homeland. This is not without risk and sometimes even leads to police interventions. Furthermore, his works are influenced by Egyptian history and Islamic culture. Incorporating pop art, old traditions, religious art, muralism and graffiti, he develops a collage-based style, that is representative of the dialogue between form and content. Bakr himself describes his approach as wanting to confront the Egyptian people with art that fills them with enjoyment. He has painted public murals worldwide at museums and open spaces in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Tripoli and Beirut. For Cologne’s CityLeaks Festival, Ammar will also realise a mural in Mülheim.

Additionally a workshop will be held at Kulturbunker Mülheim in which the artist will offer a glimpse into his artistic process.
Under his direction all participants will create a mural together.

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Berliner Str. 20
51063 Köln