Benjamin Gaulon


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Retail Poisoning

Interventions at Mülheim
Wiener Platz
51065 Köln

September 5

Our society is constantly evolving into a consumer and throwaway society. But what happens to discarded technical equipment? It is disposed in spite of it’s functionality. Benjamin Gaulon aka Recyclism, a French artist, scientist and lecturer in art in Paris, deals with precisely these issues. In his projects he explores the limits and failures of information and communication technologies. These can be represented in the form of software, installations, interactive works, hacking or recycling. Since 2005 he conducts workshops in Europe and the US, where people get the opportunity to deal with waste, hardware hacking and recycling. In 2011 he launched the Recycling Hacklab: A multidisciplinary workspace that is dedicated to contemporary DIY projects and hacking practices. “Retail Poisioning” plays a big part in his work. But what exactly is “Retail Poisoning”? It’s an act, in which critical, corrupted and fake data or hardware are purposely injected into a computer. In his Retail Poisoning project “Corrupt.desktop” for example, Gaulon hacked computers in Apple-Stores and caused technical difficulties on a binary level.

During the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival he will conduct a workshop dealing critically with Retail Poisoning. Let’s hack the City!