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Bodies in Urban Spaces

September 19
Starting Point:
Wiener Platz
51065 Köln

1. Trail 10:00 am
2. Trail 12:30 am
3. Trail 03:00 pm
(one Trail will take 45 Min.)

Unused doorways, niches between buildings and hidden pathways are just a few examples of the barren spaces that the city holds. These are spaces that are normally hidden from the conscious eye. BODIES IN URBAN SPACES is a project by the Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner, which seeks to direct the people’s attention to those interspaces by placing motionless bodies there. During a stroll through Cologne-Mülheim audiences are invited to experience the city in a new way, to be surprised, irritated and inspired. How do I perceive my living space? How do I move through it? How does the interplay between Space and Body work? With the project Dorner seeks to make the audience think about those and similar questions. Founded in 1999 the Cie. Willi Dorner has become renowned and their works have been shown worldwide. Always in focus is the desire to enable the audience to experience new insights and perceive their environment as well as the daily life in a different way.