Dennis Freischlad / Sally Müller


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Dennis Freischlad / Sally Müller
Audiowalk Poetik:
The Neighbourhood of Man and Concrete

Wiener Platz

September 1 -20

A big red sculpture, the number 2020, thrones on the steps at Wiener Platz, reminding the public of the structural development program in Cologne-Mülheim. During the last few years, around 40 projects were realised here in an effort to polish the reputation of the district located on the right side of river Rhine. Right here, in northern Cologne, starts the Audiowalk “Poetik – The Neighbourhood of Man and Concrete” written by Dennis Freischlad and produced by Sally Müller. The 15-minute audio-track takes festival attendees on a stroll from Wiener Platz to the Festival Centre of the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival 2015 at Carlswerk while passing by Keupstraße and Schanzenstraße. In the form of a letter to an old friend who visited Cologne-Mülheim years ago, a socio-political discourse about urban space unfolds, skilfully combining fact and fiction. During the Audiowalk thoughts and memories are stimulated, enabling the attendees to see through a different set of eyes. The Audiowalk “Poetik – The Neighbourhood of Man and Concrete” can be accessed for free, both in German and English, on the Festival-Homepage or directly on SoundCloud. The audio file can be stored on any mobile device (phone, tablet, and mp3-player) or streamed directly from SoundCloud. Equipped with headphones and a mobile device, while standing at Wiener Platz, one simply presses PLAY and starts walking towards Keupstraße/Schanzenstraße/Carlswerk while listening to the lines of
the letter.

The audio file is available starting from September 1, 2015
Start: Wiener Platz, 50° 57′ 44″ N, 7° 0′ 15″ E
End: CityLeaks Festival Centre, Carlswerk

Audiowalk Poetik – The Neighbourhood of Man and Concrete

As a prelude to the opening of CityLeaks indoor exhibition on September 5, 2015, we would like to invite everyone to experience the Audiowalk together. Meeting point: Wiener Platz, 7:30 p.m. Destination: Carlswerk.

A Dennis Freischlad and Sally Müller production. In co-operation with CityLeaks.