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Pecado al Pecador

Opening: 4. September
Maastrichter Str. 49
50672 Köln
continuing project

Why commit to just one thing when you can play around?  Whether it is large format murals, toys, performances or installations,  the Argentinian collective DOMA does not like to limit its approach.  In the vibrantly coloured and cute world that the collective creates,  everything seems possible. Living fuzzy monsters are let loose to  roam, parties focused on anonymity are organized and an electrical  tower is transformed into a giant toy robot. The collective not only  builds on the rich history of their home Argentina, but also adresses  social issues and global topics. By positioning their works in  public spaces, they seek to infect spectators with childlike joy,  but also invite them to rethink a world in which fun and play are often neglected or even suppressed by the forces of the daily grind and the rules of globalisation.