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  • katze und krieg MONEY. EXPERIENCE. SATISFACTION. NOW, sommerblut Kulturfestival 2015
  • katze und krieg MONEY. EXPERIENCE. SATISFACTION. NOW, sommerblut Kulturfestival 2015
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All events at King Georg
Sudermannstr. 2
50670 Köln


Drama Köln uses public spaces as venues. It uses the city as its stage to present works from the world of photography, video, audio and literature aiming at starting an interaction between city, audience and performers. For CityLeaks 2015 the team around Matthias Kapohl and director Philline Velhagen, „katze und krieg“, Julie Pfleiderer and Acting Accomplies devised the project “DIE STIMMEN DER DINGE oder das Konzert der Welt” as a live action audio drama journey in four stages. Four times, artists will set out with the same destination: the Cologne club King Georg. Four times the audience will gather there to witness the artists’ journeys, their stopovers and their arrival at the club. What happens along the way will be broadcasted live to the club, in which a band will react to the audio material and improvise a fitting soundtrack. The audience can witness how through inserts of the urban interventions and the according reactions, an audio drama develops. It can witness a journey through parallel worlds, only observable through acoustics. The words and sounds of these worlds then meet in the audience’s imagination and reality at King Georg. Action and reaction, perception and imagination will interlock time and space. All factors provide the scenic as well as the musical material for an interdisciplinary mixture of audio drama, performance and concert – or as Drama Köln calls it: an exchange concert.

Ankommen (Arrive) is a co-production of Drama Köln, Club King Georg and the WDR.