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KVB Haltestelle
50823 Köln

September 4 – 10

presented by 30works

In a short time, Belgian artist Dzia Krank has made a name for himself on the urban art scene. Ever since he graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp three years ago, he has been working with stencils and producing linear graffiti, typically depicting animals. With a lot of detail he deconstructs chicklets, foxes, insects, stags, elephants, horses and octopi. He transforms them into geometrical shapes and chequered lines, draws them colourful or reduced to black and gold, thus creating unconventional urban art animals. Dzia’s analytical perception was built during his studies, a time he also worked in taxidermy. His works have a high recognition value and can be found in a lot of places, not only Belgium. Early in 2015 he designed walls in London and Turin. For the City Canvas project he realised a six meter wide mural in Hamburg during June. But the center of his activity still remains Belgium, especially the area around his hometown Antwerp. Apart from his works in the urban space, he realizes commissioned works for companies such as Converse and Eastpak. He is also the publisher of Krank magazine, coming out quarterly.