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Line of Equilibrium

Wiener Platz
KVB Line 4 to Friesenplatz & Line 18 to Ebertplatz
51065 Köln

September 4 & 7 | from 4:00pm

The Italian artist Guidor seeks answers to the questions regarding the relationship between individuals and society, and chooses the public space as the stage for his work. The belief that people need to work together in order to create a functioning society is at the base of his work for CityLeaks “Line of Equilibrium”. In the subway of Cologne people will form a chain which will brave the sharp movements of the train, holding to each other while balancing through the instability created by the breaks and turns of the subway. Throughout his career, Guildor experimented with many forms
 of artistic expression in the urban space, using different types of media. He
 participated in urban art festivals all over Europe.