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Clevischer Ring 170 51063 Köln

August 26 – September 1

presented by Die Kunstagentin

The dedication to all colours of the spectrum is characteristic for the works of the artist Hense. Even from far away his works outshine the surrounding cityscapes. His murals are rarely figurative and on first sight do not showcase his background in the graffiti scene of Atlanta. Still his works are heavily inspired by this time he says. His abstract compositions often consist of playfully overlapping shapes, lines, and patterns all mixed with different kinds of ethnic influences. Spontaneity and concentration are two important factors in his work process. His happy and bright style can be found in many commissioned pieces all over the globe. A good example for his explosive use of colours is the spectacular transformation of a gigantic granary in Northam in Western Australia. Hense is part of the internatinally renowned MSK crew, but does not only paint in public space. His works also include paintings and drawings on paper, sawing pieces from plywood and screen prints.

For the CityLeaks Festival he will paint a mural in Mülheim and his works will be shown in the group exhibition Vivid Bunch Vol #2 at the gallery Die Kunstagentin.