Labor Fou


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Mülheimer Freiheit
September 19 & 20
The riverfront in Mülheim offers a unique view of  Cologne’s Skyline.
This place offers a lot of space but there is not much more than emptyness, concrete and rubble. Labor Fou want to change this together with many helping hands. They aim to make this place usable again. They also aim to create a space that invites you to sit back and relax and share ideas. For the CityLeaks Festival a small urban utopia will be realised at this space. Mülheimer Freiheit. A bridge, a river, a view, seats arranged in a group. Open and public and able to be seen from afar. Labor Fou will collect the materials and everybody can help to create a news space that brings new life to a previously barren space. Labor Fou, the collective based in Cologne and Düsseldorf works without limiting itself to genres and styles. Exhibitions, graphic design and installation are just a few of their specialties. Focusing on re-usable materials and the character of the spaces thei work in Labour Fou enable us to change our perception of these spaces and put them into a new context.