Marcus Krips


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Baudristr. 5
50733 Köln

September 2 – 5

Presented by Gallerie Kunstwerk Nippes

Convoluted, yet still simple best describes Marcus Krips’s works. His artworks make use of a simple artistic language, reducing figures to a minimum of colour, shapes and lines. Sometimes short, yet striking slogans criticizing the media and capitalism are part of his creations as well. Ever since the 1980s he is one of the names regularly being mentioned in connection with the term graffiti. Still, his personal style differs greatly from the American mainstream. Using his very own visual language, he creates spontaneous expressions on the wall.  He studied under Nam June Paik and Michael Buthe at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf and continued his studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. In 1991 he founded the duo “Kritzkratz” with fellow artist Lilli Voigt. Together they have participated in many international events and exhibitions