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Bridgepillars at Neusserstr. / Mehrheimer Str.

August 22 – 28

In the minds of many Cologne residents, Graffiti has long lost its reputation of undesirable scribble. Nowadays, extensive murals of fantastic creatures, comic strips and colourful lettering grace a myriad of house fronts, train stations and bridge pillars. The initiative “MittwochsMaler” played a big part in paving the way for these projects. The graffiti and youth art project, which operates since 2005, enables young graffiti sprayers to legally realise their ideas in the public space and actively take part in designing their city. 2013 was the first time that bridge pillars of the KVB-Line 13 were transformed for the CItyLeaks Urban Art festival. It also marked the beginning of grafitti designs in the public space under the authority of the city of Cologne. Since then nine pillars between the stations Neusser Str./Gürtel and Niehler Kirchweg have been designed. Within the context of this year’s CityLeaks Festival the area between Neusser Str./Gürtel and Merheimer Straße is on the agenda. The project “MittwochsMaler” operates especially in the districts of Nippes, Niehl and Bilderstöckchen where it is based at the “OT Lucky’s House”. Supporting association of the initiative is the “SKM Köln e.V.” (Social Service of Catholic Men – Cologne).