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Clevischer Ring 178
51063 Köln


If gigantic and abstract writings, rendered with unique precision, span across walls, it is probably the work of a most well known graffiti / street artists: Roid. His outstanding works are unparalleled due to their incorporation of many different styles and techniques – from computer games to Japanese manga up to graffiti. Deeply rooted in the graffiti scene, Roid is always drawn back to the streets, even though he is now a renowned figure on the international art scene and many of his works are nowadays created in the studio. Back in the day, he painted the walls and underground tunnels of London as a member of MSK Crew, one of the world’s most famed graffiti crews. His current works, however, are more refined and detached from the classic styles of graffiti writing. By drawing on influences from all genres, Roid’s works are a prime example of post-graffiti.