Sepe & Chazme


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September 14 – 20

presented by TransUrban

Polish artists Sepe and Chazme blend the seemingly opposite visual registers of nuanced character drawing and rigid geometry into most poetic scenarios. Starting out as character painters on the Warsaw graffiti scene, they subsequently diverted in their artistic development: While Sepe elaborated on his skills in expressive character illustration, Chazme turned to strict formal abstraction. Despite or maybe even because of these differences both artists have collaborated most successfully since about 2009. Sepe’s bizarrely deformed characters are always spread across Chazme’s confusingly complex architectures. They thus create surreal situations that are connected to both classical mythology and the contemporary urban experience. Their scenarios emerge as powerful metaphors for modern man’s alienated existence within his urban environment. Besides their many mural paintings the duo has presented its work in a number of exhibitions all across Europe. As part of the TransUrban project, Sepe and Chazme will paint three murals dealing with the issue of gentrification in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Dortmund.