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Eckewardtstr. / Wolfhartstr.
50668 Köln

September 1 – 6

presented by Colorrevolution e.V.

Croatian-born Mario Kolaric, also known as Sretan Bor, graduated from the Academy of Arts in Zagreb in 2010. From 2006 on, he has also been part of the artist collective “Art of Asfalt”, a collaborative project by artists from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Germany. His murals can be found in many Balkan states, but also in Italy, Turkey, and Austria. He has participated in many street art festivals such as in Besançon (France) and has painted for the Street Art Museum in Zagreb (MUU) as well as for a happening on the island Losinj (Croatia). For him, art is a communicative process of sharing information. He works by the dogma “Bringing a maximum of clarity into your message with minimal resources”. Many of his murals show simple arrangements of shapes, such as his work with Serbian artist EmaEmaEma. But he also uses the aesthetics of the 70s to create monstrous creatures. Kolaric’s works cannot be categorized easily. Working both under his real name and under an alias, he experiments with different techniques and materials to express his ideas in whichever way suites them best. Those ideas are just as varied as his interests and talents. Besides installations and street art, he also produces drawings, prints, and books. Under the title “Between Black and White”, a series of works consisting of lines, shadings and paint has been released as an online diary since 2010.