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Inspired by the growing graffiti scene in Catalonia, Tec decided to leave his own creative fingerprints in Buenos Aires during a flight from Barcelona back to his home Argentina. After studying graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires he joined the artist collective “Fase” and took the streets of the Argentinian capital by storm. Fase represented Argentina at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2005. This opened him the doors to work in Europe. He cooperated with graphic designers from all over Europe and participated in many European urban art festivals. For his work “De Dentro e de Fora” realised at the São Paulo Museum of Art he achieved global recognition. Since then, he has been living and working in the Brazilian mega-city. His colourful and surreal murals recall cartoons and incorporate many different motives such as beheaded fish and wide-eyed birds. This way, Tec has conquered the planet wih his higly distinctive creations.