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Facade Dialogs

Interventions at Mülheim
Wiener Platz
51065 Köln

11. – 12. September 11 – 12 | from 10:00pm
(auxillary date in case of rain: 18. – 19. September)

How do I lead my life? How do I locate myself and what  turns the district that I live in into my neighbourhood? In their project “Facade Dialogues” the collective Xenorama gives people from Cologne-Mülheim a chance  to tell their stories. In cinematic-journalistic interviews  stories condense from the lives of individuals and their  relationship to the urban surrounding. Negotiations of spatial, cultural and social experiences drive these subjective narrations. The assembly of interviews, animations and sounds creates an  audio-visual work of art. Various situations of conversation evolve. In these situations the participants are set into context with each other and new interconnections are revealed. For the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival the video installation will be projected onto two house fronts  in the Cologne district of Mülheim. “Facade Dialogues” mirrors the interdisciplinary approach of the  internationally operating artist collective.  The exploration of the potential in spatial communication and the arts lies at the center of their work process. Xenorama link technical and  conceptual developments, which they use as artistic  means of expression. That way, events blend with sound experiences and shift the borders of the familiar.